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    Take a look at Old Atlanta

    Cities were built to grow and prosper. They can never stay stagnant and the same for too long.
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    Woman gets $12k tip, but police seize it

    That's the thing. Rightful owners usually come forward when property is missing or lost. But money? EVERYONE will be saying.... "yep, it's mine".... can I have it back now please?
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    Streetcar costs balloon and debut is delayed

    I hope the project comes together, this will be awesome for the city of Atlanta.
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    Beltline loses to the Streetcar

    Atlanta could use a bullet train that goes from Atlanta to New York City in record time.
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    Dirty Birds?

    Cowboys are having a good season THIS season. Falcons though........ yeah I don't think they're even gonna make the playoffs.
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    Local Fox 5 TV Anchor Amanda Davis Arrested for DUI

    DUI offenders should have their licenses suspended for as long as possible IMO. There's just no excuse for it.
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    Sunday service?

    Strange, here in New York City all the public transportation runs on Sundays.
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    CCT Driver Suspended for Breaking Up Fight

    It's always a slippery slope breaking up a fight in today's society. Laying hands on someone in a rough manner can result in a lawsuit against you or your employer if they're hurt in any way during the altercation.
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    Urine detection systems being installed

    Some people have no respect for anything. I hope though, most of these offenders are either drunk or high when they do this sort of thing. You'd hate to think a rational, sober human being thinks peeing in a public transport elevator is a good idea.
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    MARTA suspends 500 riders under "Ride with Respect" campaign

    They could use digital technology, like facial recognition type of stuff. If someone who is on "the list" shows up on a MARTA Camera, security is then dispatched to remove that person from the station or transportation car.
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    Let's be honest...

    Not sure why people are so against a streetcar system. It'll be expensive but not as expensive as some other projects people could come up with.
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    Streetcar opening pushed back to November 2014

    Should open this puppy up in the Spring of 2015. Anywhere near Winter is a bad idea for a new Streetcar/Trolley system. Unless it's in California, where they don't have a REAL, BRUTAL Winter.
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    security on marta

    Truth right here. Security is expensive, gotta pay people the right salary to do a job like that. Especially, in today's society where some people behave like they were raised by wolves.
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    Car Emissions Abolish!!!!!

    It's always complicated to get the truth about anything when purchasing a new automobile. Most of all emissions.
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    I hate it when...

    That's people for ya, no consideration really. Being a motorist in today's America is a big strain on your blood pressure.