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Buses Under Attack

Discussion in 'Buses/Shuttles' started by Serenity, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. Serenity

    Serenity MARTA Newbie

  2. whfwm

    whfwm MARTA Newbie

    Crossfire? You see this is why people need to just get their own whip and ride out. That would be just aweful to die whilst riding on the Marta...
  3. SM Conductor

    SM Conductor Administrator Staff Member

    Lol! Bullet proof windows would make a lot of criminals embrace being "green!" Maybe some politicians too!
  4. Maria

    Maria MARTA Newbie

    That's stupid. You can get shot in your own car at anytime. The fact that it was a bus has nothing to do with it. You just hope and pray nobody was hurt.
  5. footballtim

    footballtim MARTA Newbie

    Obviously there is nothing that can be done about the tree because that is an act of nature. However, the other disaster with it being caught in crossfire is the product of this country just simply not taking these problems seriously enough. Gun laws can only do so much. Yes, the windows should be bullet proof. There should also be more security on these trains and buses. Any bus or train without security is just leaving the passengers to be sitting ducks.
  6. novasparker

    novasparker MARTA Newbie

    I think that this was just a case of being in the wrong place and the wrong time...like footballtim says, it can happen to anybody,anywhere riding in any vehicle. It just happens. Gun laws aren't going to change the fact that random gunfire happens...the criminal element will get guns no matter what the laws are. I mean, they rob people, sell drugs, and do all sorts of other stuff that's illegal, right?
  7. Brandy Alford

    Brandy Alford MARTA Newbie

    I've experienced a tree falling on my car anda large branch feel on my roof. It's an unfortunate thing that happens in the city in the woods. It is almost unavoidable.
  8. novasparker

    novasparker MARTA Newbie

    You know, there was a tree that fell on a car while it was drving down the road last year in my hometown. It was a total freak accident. It was the weirdest thing, though. I guess when it's your time to go, it's your time to go. There's no way around it. It's just the way things go sometimes. The crossfire thing is just a tragedy though. Unfortunately, I think the folks on the MARTA were just happenstance and not targeted.
  9. Katrina Lay

    Katrina Lay MARTA Newbie

    Marta is not the only ones get caught up in the crossfire but I think Marta should soup up their security. Like why not just have the Marta police stay at the Marta train station or when something goes bad. Why not have a group of Marta polices protect the routes too. So when the crooks start to see that Marta police are staking out more maybe they would do less crime. I notice this has work in some of the rough area of Atlanta, that all you hear people talking about on train and buses. How the city of Atlanta is trying to clean up some of the area. It would be nice if Marta would help out to keep the routes safer. It sometime scary getting of work late but I would feel a little safe if I know a Marta or regular police is driving my route. High Bright Lights on a pole near the bus stop would help. I have road by a few bus stop at night time and you can't see the bus stops. I do like the video camera that are now on the bus this is a big help for keeping Marta customer safe.
  10. novasparker

    novasparker MARTA Newbie

    I agree Katrina. MARTA is NOT the only public transportation solution that gets caught up in the crossfire. I don't know if having additional security onboard will help reduce the incidents of driving through gunfire or having a tree fall on the bus, but it might help reduce onboard violence and robberies. Alot of these buses/trains service areas that experience high rates of crime and just having them aboard will make it more secure for those who wish to use the service but are afraid of being victimized.
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  11. Yvette4887

    Yvette4887 MARTA Newbie

    I never thought the windows were bullet proof. Nothing on the bus is safe; not the trains, or train station. I stated on another post that Marta needs to increase security all through their transportation system. The bus is more at risk of danger, because there is no police officer on the bus. They should at least place an officer on each bus as a disguise, just some type of security to make people feel safe. That way there will always be backup if another crossfire, or crazy person enter the bus. A lot of bus drivers and passenger have been hurt trying to defend themselves or others because there is no law enforcement around to help. And by the time they do get there, somebody will have probably been hurt already or worst.

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