Car Emissions Abolish!!!!!

Do you think car emissions should be abolish?

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Some counties do not require emissions for their residents like Newton, Ga and Flowery Branch, Ga. So when you buy a car from one if these counties you think you are buying a car that has or will pass emission, but has not, because it is not required there. This happen to a family member of mines.
But most cars you buy, run great, but when you take it to the emission place, it does not pass. And the cars that you think would not pass because they are smoking, pass emissions with flying colors.
To me and others who have told me, this is one dump law that should be drop!

Do you think car emission should be abolish world wide?

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I don't think it should be abolished entirely, because I understand why it is there. But maybe the threshold for passing should be raised as cars get older. There are many people who do not have the money to make their cars pass, and it would cost much more than the $600 required to be spent in an effort to make the cars pass in order for their cars to be fixed completely.

I kinda wonder where the money we pay in gas taxes and the tag fees really goes each year. I would love to see someone do a paper trail...