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Does Atlanta need more streetcars?

Discussion in 'Streetcar' started by SM Conductor, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. SM Conductor

    SM Conductor Administrator Staff Member

    Not only have we learned that MARTA won't be operating the Atlanta streetcar due to cost reasons, but apparently there will only be two cars operating across a 2-3 mile region:
    What do you think? Do we need more cars to cover the area for residents and tourists, or do you think everyone will be OK with waiting 15 minutes for a ride? The official plans called for 4 streetcars operating simultaneously with a 15 minute wait, so I wonder how much the wait time will increase if you reduce capacity by half...

    Source: WABE.org
  2. lanray

    lanray MARTA Newbie

    There is obvious need for more street cars. The lower the waiting times the better as this will encourage it's use by people. An average of 15 minutes waiting time is not too bad
  3. AskTheTicketGuy

    AskTheTicketGuy MARTA Newbie

    This will be the beginning of the end for this project. Tourists are not going to sit around for 15 minutes, especially with kids, waiting for a streetcar.
    I travel all the time and love cities with streetcars and great public transportation but for a streetcar system to work riders need to know another one is coming any minute.
    I would guess in the modern world a 5 minute wait is about it, otherwise people will give up on this quick. Keep in mind this is aimed at people that do not normally take public transportation, its one thing to wait 12-15 minutes for Marta because you do not own a car or can not afford a cab but imagine you have an hour lunch and 30 minutes of that might be waiting for a streetcar or being on a date and having to wait 15 minutes.
    I am guessing word of mouth will kill the future of Atlanta Streetcar real quick if they plan to start with 15 minute waits. But that is Atlanta for you, poor planning and kill the project with poor execution right off the bat.
  4. novasparker

    novasparker MARTA Newbie

    So, let me chime in here a bit. I am originally from Knoxville, recently relocating to Alabama. Knoxville instituted the street car thing, which were basically fancy buses. People were no more interested in riding those than they were the public buses. They are cool to look at and are a great talking point for visitors...and I will have to say that I have ridden them when I have had to spend a lot of time downtown. But waiting for the street car is annoying when you are on a tight schedule.

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