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Entertainment on MARTA?

Discussion in 'MARTA Trains & Buses' started by SM Conductor, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. Akiyama

    Akiyama MARTA Newbie

    I think that most people (including myself) that decide to ride the train aren't really interested in socializing or being entertained.

    Most people just intend on using it to get from point A to point B, nothing more, nothing less.

    Of course that's how I feel so I could be mistaken.

  2. Brandy Alford

    Brandy Alford MARTA Newbie

    I know the incense sellers have a awesome jiggle that they sing when they are trying to attract attention. There are a lot of people who entertain in their own way on the marta but I wouldn't mind it if it was managed correctly. They can do whatever they do out of the way, so crowds don't cause you to miss the train.
  3. novasparker

    novasparker MARTA Newbie

    Oh, come on ProStreet...Would having a few folks performing some music really be that bad? I mean all you hear now are people talking too loudly, the hum and squeal of the trains and other totally loud and yet innocuous sounds. I would rather hear some well performed music with some folks with a hat out in front of them asking for donations any day of the week. I think it adds character and life to an otherwise boring function.
  4. Katrina Lay

    Katrina Lay MARTA Newbie

    I would really enjoy some nice music on the train, waiting on the train or bus, inside the train station even at a bus stop. It OK to talk to people sometime but when they start talking about their family, what happen at work, do you have some spare money. Let not talk about the loud talking people on their cell phone. I know all their business, baby daddy business, home girl don't know who I am business and the list go on. I would rather turn my attention to a good singer. You never know that singer might become a celeb one day. It sad to say with all the other noise we have to listen to on the bus and train how are we going to listen to a real person singing. I have heard a few people singing on the train and people was very quiet. Not so much on the Bus. I have been on the bus with the Atlanta Police and he told everybody to be quiet. So I don't think singing would work on the bus.
  5. Yvette4887

    Yvette4887 MARTA Newbie

    It has been a while since I have used Marta, but when I was a regular I would see people playing instruments or whatever for money. The Marta police said nothing about it and did nothing about. But I see things probably have change. Maybe they took it away because it cause crime, or a crowd that could turn into a confrontation. I even heard that vendors are not allowed to sell around Marta to. There were people out there that sold fruit all though the day, and they made good money doing it to. I honestly did not see the harm in them selling food, like fruit. It seem to never cause a problem and it was a way for them to sell something legitimate and have a job. As long as they were not out there selling DVD's, CD's, and electronics then it was no problem. I actually saw a posting on Facebook about the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra was performing at Art Center Station.
  6. novasparker

    novasparker MARTA Newbie

    Is having a musician perform really an annoyance? The noise really isn't a factor since Marta stations are noisy anyway. I think that anything you can do to cover up the hustle and bustle inside the terminal, even if its a genre you don't like, would be a good thing. Just my opinion, of course, but I don't see the harm in it.

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