How do you carry your MARTA Breeze card?

SM Conductor

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How do you carry around your Breeze card? Do you just place it in your wallet or purse, or do you have a special holder that you use?

Also, if you don't have a case but would like to use one, what kind of case would be the most beneficial to you?


MARTA Newbie
I usually carry my Breeze card in a see-thru slot in my wallet.

That way, whenever I need to use it, I never have to take it out, so it's pretty convenient.

Due to that, I pretty much don't need a case at all.

I just keep it in my pocket if I need to use it. I don't carry much with me and try not to store a bunch of useless cards in a bulky wallet. I really never considered a case but if that's something you're interested in it could be a good idea to follow. Mine has broken a few times from being bent at awkward angles so any storage is better than none.
I store it in my wallet. I have a bunch few marta card. I always have them in my purse just incase I need them. I really ought to make sure they haven't expired.
I have a card carrier that I would keep mine in, if I had one. I am not an atlanta resident, so I don't have a card to carry since I don't use it very often. But if I did, I would keep it in there with my license and other important cards that I need to access regularly. I love this little device because you can put important stuff in it and it's small enough to put in your pocket or other holder without it being bulky.