Magnetic Cards

Other countries are using magnetic cards to save their fares in there. I wonder if Marta is already doing that? In my opinion it saves a lot of time!
I think the use of these types of cards is a great thing...until you lose one. You have to make the cards "replacement friendly" as well as offer holders the ability to transfer fares to a new card if the old one gets lost. This is the only way that implementing these things will work.

SM Conductor

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Didn't the old farecards use to be magnetic?
The Breeze cards are the first transit cards that MARTA has ever had. Before that, MARTA used tokens (our forum currency is a nod to that old era). There used to be paper cards as well, but those were eliminated either last year or the year before, in favor of the plastic Breeze cards used today.
The Breeze cards are a great way to carry your fare, but I am thinking that the magnetic cards may provide a greater benefit...of course there will be a cost to upgrade the cards, which will be passed down to all of us who use them, but in the end, if you can avoid having to carry cash and have greater protections against loss or theft with a magnetic card, then why wouldn't you want to use one?
I would like to see how the magnetic card stand up to the breeze cards. I kind of missed the old system of the tokens and the paper weekly or monthly Marta cards. I have been running into errors with my breeze card. So anything other than using a breeze card would be cool to check out.