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MARTA cancels all bus services 2/12/14

Discussion in 'Buses/Shuttles' started by SM Conductor, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. SM Conductor

    SM Conductor Administrator Staff Member

    MARTA has decided to cancel all bus services for Wednesday, February 12, 2014.
    This also underscores the need for more stations in more places, and for more expansion of the rail system, no?

    Source: MARTA
  2. Yvette4887

    Yvette4887 MARTA Newbie

    My mom depends on the xpress bus to get her down town for work and back home. During the first snow storm she was not able to catch a bus leaving work. The bus was running but she got caught in that downtown stand still when the snow started to fall and everybody was release at the same time. My mom and many others waiting on the xpress bus were cold; near frozen. I was glade the bus was stuck in traffic because she never got on it, and if she had she probably would of been stuck on that bus for 14-22 hours like most bus riders were. She also had to wait until the trains ran again after that fire, and she still has was not able to catch a Marta bus at West End because they either got caught in traffic or stop running. I had to drive in the bad weather to pick her up from West End.
    It was good that the xpress and Marta bus did close the day after and when the second snow storm came, which was mostly ice. She told me stories of what people said they had to do when they had to go to the bathroom on those buses. I would of hated for her to go through that. So my mom and I praise the Atlanta transit system for cancelling their routes and thinking about the safety of their customers and employees.

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