Marta should give us our buses back

Marta took most of our buses now most of the buses are super crowed we need more buses and better service we're paying so much for breeze cards. We should be able to ride comfortable give us entertainment atleast a mix radio station thats play a mix of all music playing lightly over the speaker or give us outlets on the marta buses and trains. If you gone keep raising the prices atleast give us something worth paying for
true.. the idea is that they want more folks to ride, but in order to do it, you have to make it attractive for people to want to ride. So add some radio service, add more buses and keep people riding. The more folks that ride, the less they will actually charge. Go figure.
I am OK with most bus routes but I think adding more buses and short buses to a route would help with crowding on a bus. I have stayed at the end of a bus route and it took 45 - 50 minutes to get home and the bus only go one way. The same 45 - 50 minute bus always be crowded coming from five-points train station. I really hate waiting on a bus for a whole thirty minutes when I just miss a bus. I think it would be nice to add short buses or van to some of the route. What happen to catching the bus on both side of the road? Before Marta changed the route I could remembering I did not all ways have to ride all the way to the train station I could get off the bus and catch another bus or walk the rest of the way to where I had to go. I really miss those days.
I agree katrina. They need to have buses that address the longer routes and the puddle jumpers that come around every few minutes that can get you to areas just a few miles up and road. I think that if you can reduce the amount of frustration that most people carry with them when it comes to using public transportation, then more people will use it.
Agreed Swaugh. I am thinking that they just simply need to find a way to make bus routes more attractive and more accessible to folks and give them more options when it comes to riding them and the rest will come naturally. When people realize that public transportation makes sense from a financial AND a practical standpoint, more will start using it more regularly.