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New poll doesn’t bode well for metro Atlanta’s transportation sales tax

Discussion in 'The Beltline' started by SEA81, May 21, 2012.

  1. SEA81

    SEA81 MARTA Newbie

  2. Marta200

    Marta200 MARTA Newbie

    This poll can be trusted about as much as those new rash of followers that presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney picked up.

    Folks, this poll and everything that it embodies boils down to politics as usual.

    If you listen to both sides of this issue and then get the facts, Atlanta will be much better off.
  3. SM Conductor

    SM Conductor Administrator Staff Member

    Well... looks like the poll was right after all! The suffering continues...
  4. novasparker

    novasparker MARTA Newbie

    I am not a person who champions the tax system, regardless of who is administering it. There is just too much room for abuse. But, with that being said, I do think that txes are a necessary evil, so long as they are in line with what they are supposed to funding. Case in point, if the transportation tax really does go toward making the public transportation system better and not for other pet projects, then I think it's a good idea....but it rarely ever goes the way it's proposed.
  5. swaugh3

    swaugh3 MARTA Newbie

    Was this TSPLOST? Because the Sierra Club was against it for key reasons:

    1.) Not enough overall investment on public transportation

    2.) Especially when key road projects were deemed unnecessary according to them

    3.) Trust issues surrounding government

    Read these for detailed information on their stance.
    What the Sierra Club feels about each project on the list for TSPLOST investment:

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