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No days off?

Discussion in 'Rants & Ramblings' started by Toni6749, May 11, 2012.

  1. Toni6749

    Toni6749 MARTA Newbie

    Have you ever felt in a slump like all you have been doing is working even when you aren’t working? How do you handle it?
  2. whfwm

    whfwm MARTA Newbie

    Yes I feel like that all the time especially now since I've been trying to find ways to make more do. Also I had a customer call me a C*nt today...:cool:
  3. Toni6749

    Toni6749 MARTA Newbie

    Ugh, that sucks! Sorry the customer called you out of your name, I definitely know how that goes. I am in a slump right now feeling as though I have no days off, working, going to school and now I am moving which is adding to my problem! Ugh. I just need a break.
  4. SM Conductor

    SM Conductor Administrator Staff Member

    The daily grind sucks for so many of us. You work all year just to "earn" a few days off, then you are right back at it again.

    This can't be what life is supposed to be like, it just can't!
  5. difrancprod

    difrancprod MARTA Newbie

    It happened to me so many times now and I think time management has always been my issue. I have to discipline my mind as well like work only during working billable hours and learn how to chill and relax when I have already clocked out. It's the only way for me to fix this.
  6. NickJ

    NickJ MARTA Newbie

    Not sure what job you're working where you can't get any days off. If you're under that much stress, burden, or duress then take a day off. Or two or three. You can also try and find a job that pays well and is better for your health. This is why being an entrepreneur is the best way to go in America. You run a small business and work your own hours. Because you're not an employee, you're an owner. You're the boss.
  7. tspires2

    tspires2 MARTA Newbie

    I agree completely if that is an option. For so many the weekly juggle is all you can take. It can't be good for your health you are right, but how can you add more to your plate as the bills keep coming even though you are changing paths in your life. I am so grateful that my husband works full time so that I can start my own business. The bills get paid and I can make extra money until I get things up and running smooth! Good luck to everyone and know that it has to get better!

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