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Since we have an epidemic of obesity and are encouraging more physical activity (lol don't go there), wouldn't it be great if MARTA implemented something as cool as this?

If you make the transit system fun and cool, more people will use it!

But maybe it isn't a good idea to do this in Peachtree Center.
From the video, the piano stars was done in another countryl Though we have people here from all parts of the world, I think piano stars for the obese and those of us who prefer the stars is not a BIG deal. However, testing this type of "fun theory" might be great during the Christmas holidays! I'd play on the stars - Ba ba black sheep!


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I think that is just great! It really looks interesting. But I am one of the fat people, so I won't be taking the stairs. It is a good way of putting a little life into the stations. :)
I never think of these features.... and i personally won't even bother looking at it...
some people might interested in it, but i'm just not it...
Feel free if you want to implant it, but i personally think there won't much changes in public's opinion
decorating the escalator and elevators might help...
I'd go and up and down on this stairs everyday if I live in this town! Weight will never be an issue for musicians if this is the staircase that would welcome you everyday. Although I might be late going to work because I might not stop pressing my feet on those pavements. :)

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Seems like the key is to make exercise fun! We all have to do it in order to have better lives, so why not put some in our daily routines? This is a very thoughtful way of doing that!


The musical part of me is going "squeeeee!" and the more professional side blows my mind. I'm totally for this kind of a stairway. In fact I want someone to come and do that with our town. I would learn to play the piano better. :)
I love this idea...I know that it's not for everyone, but I think that it would appeal to enough folks that the idea of exercising even when you don't realize it would certainly catch on. I also think it would be a great way to encourage children to use the stairs...start the habit early and they will hang onto it for life.
Does anyone know if this is still there? I was showing this video to my kids last night and the thought of taking them to the city just to be able to see something like this in the flesh would just be cool. We are only a few hours outside Atlanta and I thought it would make an interesting day trip.
This would be a great ideal because I take the stair most of time when I am at the Marta train station. This would be nice for a background picture or just to show off for a couple of my friends or family members that don't live in Atlanta. I could add it to the agenda when summer time come. Ride the trains, go to underground, center park, coke cola building, the aquarium and the grand stairs piano.
The piano actually plays Katrina. that's what makes it truly cool. I think that experiencing something like this would deifnitely encourage others to take the stairs, which is what I think the point of putting those out there was. Anyway, if it's still there, it's definitely a must-see and do while in the ATL.