Should MARTA be privatized?

SM Conductor

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Due to the yearly deficits, service cutbacks and fare increases that MARTA and many other transportation agencies around the country have encountered, discussion has arisen lately about privatizing some or all parts of the MARTA system:

Some are calling for complete privatization of MARTA, because it would help reduce costs. Others have concerns about private sector involvement, because transit is a vital public service on which many riders depend for their livelihoods.

...It’s not just about costs. Quality is contractually enforced. Las Vegas utilizes private sector contractors for all of its service, and the Brookings Institution called them one of the country’s ten best transit systems. San Diego contracts out half of its transit system, and was recently voted the outstanding operator of public transportation in the U.S.

...MARTA today faces a crisis. The status quo is not sustainable. Any solution must be sophisticated, well crafted and customized for Atlanta’s unique circumstances. Examples from around the country show that a well-designed relationship with a private operator can deliver high quality transit at a price Atlanta can afford.
What do you think about this approach? Should parts or all of MARTA be privatized? Would it result in a more efficient system, or do you think more people would be unable to use the system due to corporate greed?

Source: Peach Pundit