Sunday service?


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When will Gwinnett county transit ever have Sunday service? I have wanted to travel their on Sunday and been out of luck. I just don't get that.

Has anyone else found this to be irritating?
Same here! They should realize that people do go out and travel on a Sunday too. The demand for traveling on a weekend is even high. They should know better.

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LOL I find it so interesting that they voted NOT to have MARTA in Gwinnett years ago, and now the citizens that use public transit can't even do so on a Sunday. Tell me who wouldn't like to ride the train from the Mall of Georgia Gwinnett Place Mall all the way to say, Turner Field, on a Friday evening just after it has rained?

Well scratch that, on second thought, because you guys have the Gwinnett Braves now. :D
In my experience the squeaky wheel gets the grease. I think that if enough people put up a stink, it may eventually get done. They may say that there is not enough business to make it worth it, but how do they really know unless enough people squeak their wheels?


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Won't happen until the leaders of Gwinnett embrace transit, REAL transit and allow MARTA to be voted on. It may be close but the county would probably vote yes on MARTA, along with a definite yes in Clayton. Cobb is probably still a good decade away before they realize they need MARTA.
People travel on Sunday as much as they travel on any other day...they need to provide services to those people. If they don't, they are missing out on a huge revenue opportunity as well as the opportunity to service those that they are designated to serve. Anyway, hopefully someone will take notice and make the transportation services available on Sunday.
Yeah I travelled all the way to Gwinnett once, and the bus driver let me know that I was on the last bus. If I wanted to get back home, the bus would not run until monday. I didn't get off the bus and go to the mall that day, that is way too far from Marietta to be stranded.