Trashed T-SPLOST referendum

Now that the transportation referendum has been trashed by the citizens, what do you think should be done? MARTA was supposed to benefit somewhat. Quite frankly, I do agree that transportation issues need to be addressed but I was against it because it didn't do enough. I am not giving this government more money for it to mishandle. They just got rid of the GA-400 tolls.


MARTA Newbie
I think the state just needs to force it on us. If they make a state-wide 1% increase, then they don't have to put it to a referendum. I just read in the AJC that Georgia is 50th in per-person tax revenue. Well, you get what you pay for, and we pay for nothing, and receive the same.

SM Conductor

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I agree with both of you, other states force their citizens to pay for it, why was this optional in the first place? MARTA got off to the wrong start by making it optional for Cobb, Gwinnett and Clayton to be part of it. Now MARTA serves all of those counties and gets nothing in return. Fulton and Dekalb are stuck with the bill and that money barely pays a fraction of its services.

So now we will be faced with more fare hikes, but on the backs of many who cannot afford it. if I had a magic wand I would go back in time and force those three counties to be part of MARTA. Then the landscape of the region would be VERY different from what it is not, probably closer to that World Class Transit that was proposed by the Citizens of Progressive Transit.