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Two-thirds of Atlantans prove too stupid to function on their own

Discussion in 'Seen in Atlanta' started by MattW, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. MattW

    MattW MARTA Newbie

    That's right, about 2/3 of the metro population DEFEATED the T-SPLOST yesterday. I guess now we're stuck because the government is also too stupid to just implement the tax on its own WITHOUT our input.
  2. SM Conductor

    SM Conductor Administrator Staff Member

    Sigh... it's really sad that it happened like that. People really prefer to live with their heads in the sand. What people don't realize is that all of the bigger cities allocate money fr their transportation in much the same way. Plus they get funding from their respective states.

    MARTA gets none of that, and will probably continue to suffer in the foreseeable future if nothing changes, particularly the 50/50 split they are forced to do due to the law.

    When Charlotte (who has the light-rail line called the Lynx) and other areas surpass us, it shouldn't be a surprise. Although if Birmingham or Montgomery ever surpassed us, I would be one of the first with my jaw wide open!
  3. swaugh3

    swaugh3 MARTA Newbie


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