Why MARTA isn't good for getaways

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There have been many people who did not want MARTA to expand into their area because of the perception of a rise in crime, and thieves using the service as a means to facilitate their crimes. Here's a real-life argument against that theory:
Employees of the Marshall's store on North Point Parkway told police a man tried to leave the store Dec. 9 with a bag full of sweaters. When he was confronted by staff, the suspect allegedly threatened them with a knife having a red handle and fled the store.

Police found Cedric Lamar Jackson, 47, of Chamblee, at a nearby MARTA bus stop, identified through physical description. He also was allegedly breathing heavily, as if he had recently been running.

He was in possession of a knife with a red handle as well as several new bottles of perfume, for which he could not give receipts or say where they were bought. Police arrested him at the MARTA stop.
Source: NorthFulton.com
So, I'm confused. I don't think that the expansion of the Marta system had anything to do with the guy that robbed the store or that he was found at the Marta station waiting for a bus to make his get away. Of course, waiting on the bus isn't going to help anyone get away very quickly, but had his timing been correct, he would have been long gone rather than sitting at the station waiting for the bus. I'm not sure that apprehending him at a Marta station is an argument for or against the expansion of the Marta system.


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I wouldn't necessarily credit Marta's decision not to expand due to the possibility of the crime rate rising.

I just think that the city wasn't interested in expansion anyway, due to the costs of doing so.

I don't think marta will increase crime in certain areas. Crooks are everywhere, if they want to travel to those areas and do crimes they might steal a car:mad:. The only people who miss out when you don't put marta in the suburbs are those who work in retail and need to get to work.
I don't think that the addition of MARTA will bring crime into any area. Those that have crime will continue to experience it while those who have somehow managed to keep crime to a minimum will also continue to enjoy a relatively peaceful existance. There has been no definitive evidence introduced that suggests that having public transportation available in more affluent areas brings a higher crime rate.
Well I wish you could have told my son "why Marta isn't good for getaway" because he was rob only for his smart phone a few days ago. I was glad he was OK and his friend. It was clever he say what the young men did. My son is in his teen and the robber was in their teen. So it look like all the young men knew each other. It was just my son & his friend and the group of boys that rob him was a group of four. My son say the robber was very smooth. He said one was smiling, two of the boys sit down one by him and the other by his friend. The other boy went to talk to a female on the train. Just my opinion I think she was rob too. There was a gun pointing at my son and one at his friend. The first thing I ask him did any one else see it. He said no because it was how everybody was position on the train. If you ride the Marta train, you know some sitting are turn in different directions. My son said he knew something was going to go wrong because the boy's was following him. The true be told it really easy to getaway with crime on Marta and any where else. So be careful because my son just hip me and a new way to get rob.
I am sorry to hear about that Katrina. It is shameful enough that people rob each other but it is down right ridiculous when they are pointing guns for telephones. I notice that when I ride the train or bus everyone has their attention on their telephone. I now will consider not taking my phone out at all.
Definitely glad that your son is ok. Crime happens everywhere, no matter if you are riding the MARTA or walking down the street or even driving home in your own car. I do think that having a multitude of different people in one location gives would be criminals an opportunity to "shop" for their victims, but I don't think that you are more likely to be the victim of a crime because you ride it.