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World Class Transit in Atlanta

Discussion in 'The Beltline' started by SM Conductor, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. SM Conductor

    SM Conductor Administrator Staff Member

    Wouldn't this be awesome for Atlanta?

    The Citizens for Progressive Transit has created a neat looking picture of what a World Class Transit System in Atlanta would probably look like. I think it's awesome! (even if only a dream at this point!)

    Click the picture to download the PDF version for a larger view.


    Do you think we will ever see a transit future like this?
  2. difrancprod

    difrancprod MARTA Newbie

    This is a great vision for the transit. The system looks great! I hope they create this in the future!!
  3. novasparker

    novasparker MARTA Newbie

    It looks impressive, if not a bit complicated. It would be nice to dream of something as sophisticated as this, but I have a feeling that such a system would be quite expensive and is probably not in the cards for quite some time.
  4. swaugh3

    swaugh3 MARTA Newbie

    Commuter rail should be something like this:

    Plans for proposed Multi-Modal Passenger Terminal in Atlanta

    The complex should also serve as a hub for GRTA Xpress, Greyhound, and any other passenger coach lines

    Commuter bus and train need to run complimentary of each other

    And CCTand GCT need to expand service in their respective counties.

    If there are any doubts, just look at Toronto's transportation network for a broad idea of what I mean.

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